Friday, May 05, 2006

Sully's Stuff: One Year Anniversary

Yesterday marked the 1 year anniversary of the first post to Sully's Stuff.

Since the site was launched last may (and we began keeping track in August, the blog has recorded 26,693 visits. The lion's share of these visits came during the height of Super Bowl fever in January and March, when Sully's Stuff became one of the search engine's top results for the Mr. Devious song Puhl-a-ma-lu, a.k.a the Troy Polamalu muppet song.

On February 1st, our coverage of the Seahawk's Super Bowl pep rally in Pittsburgh was featured in the Post-Gazette's Morning File by Peter Leo.

Before January, the blogs biggest highlights were stroke related posts related to my marathon training and fundraising campaign to support Gaylord Hospital. Posts discussing the return of Tedy Bruschi to the New England Patriots and Dick Clark's performance on New Year's Rockin' Eve were particularly popular.

We've welcomed several visitors from Australia looking for information about their beautiful, but elusive and mysterious news reader Sandra Sully, loads of fans of the new Nickelodeon Series The Wonder Pets, and people looking for tips on their planning their Disneyland vacation. Seth Godin sends us a lot of visitors (via my trackback) who want to know if we're turning into boiled frogs.

Links and search are the lifeblod of traffic, and while it seems inappropriate to thank google, I will thank these folks, none of whom I've met in person:

Pittsburgh Bloggers for being the first place to go when you start a blog in Pittsburgh
Rob at Unspace, the first person to link to Sully's Stuff
Peter Leo and the Morning File for featuring the site in the PG
Cindy at My Brilliant Mistakes who owe's me a beer for finding the Puhlamalu song for her
Tim Marmon of Loosely Coupled
Brendan Loy of the Irsh Trojans Blog, and

Finally, I'll close with a few comments I've received that have tickled me:

From Carol F: "This blog has decided about five things for us and our upcoming vacation (in three days) to Disneyland with three kids 5, 4, and 2. Thank you for being funny and direct!!!!"

From Jennifer: "I found this on a search for A Steelers fight song. You're my new hero."

From GSully; "I don't get it."

All in all, not bad for a little writing experiment. I'll call it a success. So here's to getting to year 2 -- maybe this blog will be about something yet.


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