Friday, February 10, 2006

The Sandra Sully cycle...

In the past 3 weeks, if you weren't looking for the Troy Polamalu song, and search brought you to this site you were probably looking for Sandra Sully. To further enforce the virtuous cycle of relevence, I am now shamelessly writing another post on Sandra Sully, positioning myself as the United States foremost expert on Sandra Sully. (Judging by the searches she recently celebrated a birthday...Happy Birthday Sandra, if you Self Google.)

You may be interested to know that the United States literally has its own Sandy Sully, CIO of Xilinx, but I don't think the Australians landing here are looking for her.

To give you an idea of the market size of Australia relative to the US, a Google search for Sandra Sully returns 288,000 records, and 112 images. A similar search for Today Show anchor Katie Couric returns 2,070,000 records and 4,090 images, despite being FHM magazine's 6th "hottest Australian of all time." finishing above Nicole Kidman.

As with anything, there is a certain strange ardor that comes from fans...for example, this site has 23 different portraits of Sully in ASCII text. On Wikipedia, she is apparently often confused with the song writer who has helped pen hits for Bobby Womack (who?) and Mariah Carey (ugh.), but is worthy of her own, slightly longer, entry.

UPDATE: March 9, Sandra Sully birthday leads.


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