Thursday, April 13, 2006

Crocs Shoe Odyssey Part III: Simply Adorable

If you've been following the crocs odyssey since the beginning, you know that we've been having a difficult time getting light pink crocs for our daughter in size 10/11 children's.

I'm happy to report that the long wait is over. An adorable pair of size 10/11 crocs arrived on our doorstep from Crocs HQ in Colorado this morning. It took our daughter about 30 seconds to get them out of the box and on to her feet.

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My overall review of crocs:

1. Product: A+. Crocs shoes are light and comfortable. If you don't know what they are yet or haven't seen them in your neighborhood yet, you will. I wouldn't be surprised if they started popping up on television frequently.

2. People: A+. Every time you call them, you get to talk to at least one human being, and they are always pleasant to deal with.

3. Customer Service: C. Long-term, it's hard to imagine a company like crocs maintaining it's own internet store. Face it they make shoes, order fulfillment and customer service is never going to be their strong shoes, especially at a time like this when they are getting ready to have explosive growth in the coming summer season. (I wish I had a company with this problem). In my particular case, the solution was spot on -- they sent the correct pair before I returned the incorrect one. The execution was a little slow. My advice, buy at retail if you can, but if selection makes that impossible, be patient.

I'll post a photo of the adorable pink crocs soon.


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