Thursday, May 04, 2006

Kids Give The Most Stylish Haircuts (to each other)...

Yesterday around noon, I received the strangest voicemail from GSully.

"We have kind of an emergency. No one's hurt, no one's health is in danger, but call me when you get this."

Of course, that left a lot of possibilities, including car wreck. Luckily what actually happened was much more hillarious.

After a brief argument between our 2 yeard old daughters, my neighbor and G went upstairs to find blonde hairs all over the floor, and when the garbage can was opened, they found the ringlets of red hair that you see here. Our 4 year old neighbor, who considers girls his "mortal enemy," gave himself, his 2 year old sister and our 3 year old daughter "haircuts."

The theme of kids giving haircuts has recently been in a lot of our kids reading -- in Junie B. Jones and the Russell series. I can still remember doing my own and having to go to Frank and Flossie's barbershop immediately after. If only I had the flowbie, I'm sure I would have done a much better job.

Fortunately, as a barber, our neighbor did a better job than you would expect. After a short visit to a professionally licensed hair-stylist, our daughter, the willing and enthusiastic participant, is now the owner of a short, but stylish haircut that resembles one of our neighbors. Maybe he has found his calling at a young age.


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