Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Welcome to the neighborhood Justin Sullivan

I have a lot of random thoughts, some of them occasionally funny, others not so much. I also have a family and lots of friends to keep up with. Occasionally we do things that are even interesting. So check us out now and then...

Updated December 28, 2005:

Justin Sullivan is an award winning strategy consultant for Ariba, the leader in Spend Management technology and services, helping Global 2000 companies create value in the globalized economy through strategic sourcing and procurement.

Prior to joining Ariba, he was a career-appointed Policy Analyst for the United States Office of Management and Budget, the White House budget agency.

A Pittsburgher by marriage, he came to Pittsburgh in 1991. He graduated from Carnegie Mellon University (where he also played basketball for about 4 minutes) twice -- a BS in '95 and an MS in Public Policy in 1996.

Since returning to Pittsburgh in 1999, Sully has lived in Regent Square, and helped add 3 little Sullys to the world. Sully's Stuff was launched in 2005 to give him a forum to spout off and as a platform to promote "Stride Against Stroke" to raise over $3,000 for Gaylord Hospital's stroke programs while training for the Harrisburg Marathon.

In addition to Sully's Stuff, Sully's writing will appear in the January 2006 issue of Federal Times.


At 5:20 PM, Blogger Jmarz said...

I really like your blog and wondering where have you been The last post was dated 9/14/06. I hope you are still out there.


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