Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Seahawks Pep Rally In Pittsburgh

Many people don't know this, but while more than 30,000 black and gold clad fans (some freakishly so) were pouring into Heinz Field for the Pittsburgh Steelers send off pep rally (including yours truly) to worship Bob Pompeani and Ken Rice, there was a Seattle Seahawks pep rally for all of the displaced Seahawks fans forced to live in enemy territory.

The rally took place on Ross Street downtown, and was attended by this single, solitary individual clad in his Seahawks blue and kelly green parka. Spokesman for the event blamed security concerns in the aftermath of the unforunate case of Scott Vannoy for the sparse attendance at the event. Allegedly the event's original emcee, Alby Oxenreiter backed out on Tuesday after being informed that he was being picked up by channel 11 and would be able to continue as Ox on Fox..


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