Friday, April 28, 2006

Spring cleaning...

As we close April and the Mt. Lebanon Top 25 competes with the People Magazine Top 100 for column inches in the Post-Gazette. It's been more than 2 weeks since the last Sully's Stuff post. That's because the 3 Amigos, G and I have been extremely busy, and have lots of good news. On the downside, its kept me from finishing off the Wonder Pets Episode Guide, which is disappointing about 12-15 readers a day.

1.) We're moving. We love Regent Square, and thought that we would never move out of the neighborhood. That was until we bumped into a great home site at Chapel Harbor on the Water which is adjacent to the Fox Chapel Yacht Club in O'Hara. We'll be half a block off the Allegheny River in a beautifully landscaped development with hiking and jogging trails. It offers us the chance to live in a brand new home in a beautiful and unique location.

As we were making the decision, we were able to watch the spring leaves come out on the hillsides along the south side of the the Allegheny River, and see several sunsets over the water. It will be ready in September and we can't wait to get a kayak.

The house is in a Ryan Homes development. As soon as we made our decision, we needed to decide everything that was going into the home -- flooring, appliances, fixtures, cabinetry. You go from thinking about maybe moving to heavy duty planning in a day, and that planning has to be finished in a week. Plus making time for financing...It was a significant part time job in the last couple of weeks.

2.) We're getting ready to sell our house. Gosh, this is a lot of work. Packing, cleaning, planting. We're not listed yet (be sure to watch here for details). If you know anyone who is looking for a lovingly renovated, open floor plan, 4 bedroom, 5 doors up from a Frick Park trailhead with off street parking, have them e-mail me at

3.) Easter came and went. Our oldest son, who's 5 years old believes in the Easter Bunny. The catch is that he believes the Easter Bunny is an adult male who puts on a bunny suit and delivers candy and gifts. Creepy!

He did have a great time hunting eggs. Our youngest is a real chocoholic.

4.) Did I mention that I have a job?


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