Wednesday, April 05, 2006

"Save the..." A Preliminary Guide to Wonder Pets Episodes

A Wonder Pets Episode Guide.

The phone, the phone is ringing with questions about The Wonder Pets, whose fans include my children, the 3 amigos ("What's Gonna Work, Teamwork").

Each episode of the Wonder Pets consists of 2, 12 minute operettas which are set to music that is consistent with the plot or setting of the story, or more accurately the plot is shaped around the music.

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An operetta is a performance art-form similar to opera, though it generally deals with less serious topics.

The first season of The Wonder Pets will consist of 40 episodes featuring Linny the Guinea Pig, Ming-Ming the Duckling, and Tuck the Turtle.

Episodes of The Wonder Pets Include (this list will be updated):

#1 "Save the Dolphin/Save the Chimp"

Save the Dolphin:

The phone is ringing because: a dolphin is caught in a fishermans' net in Hawaii.

Save the Chimp:

The phone is ringing because: a chimpanzee in outer space is in danger.

#2 "Save the Unicorn/Save the Penguin"

Save the Unicorn:

The phone is ringing because: a baby unicorn whose horn is stuck in a magical tree trunk in this episode composed by Jason Robert Brown.

Save the Penguin:

The phone is ringing because: a baby penguin is stranded on the South Pole.

"Save the Tree/Save the Elephant"

Save the Tree:

The phone is ringing because: a tree in Philadelphia is in trouble.

Save the Elephant:

"Save the Panda/Save the Mouse"

Save The Panda:

Why the phone is ringing: A baby panda in China is stuck in a bamboo tree. The Wonder Pets hop in the fly boat to China to save a baby panda stuck in a bamboo tree. After the bamboo forest is too thick for the fly boat and the bamboo trees too high to climb, the pets build a ladder out of ultra strong bamboo. After returning the panda to their mother, they enjoy a snack of celery with soy sauce.

Save the Mouse:

Why the phone is ringing: A baby mouse is trapped somewhere in The Wonder Pets' school house attic. Tuck and Ming Ming travel to the schoolhouse attic leaving behind Lenny who is not feeling well to save a baby mouse stuck in a saxophone. Lenny helps guide the pets by talking to them through the vents of the schoolhouse.

"Save the Caterpillar/Save the Crane"
"Save the Sea Lions/Save the Kangaroo"
"Save the Pigeon/Save the Dinosaur"
"Save the Duckling/Save the Kitten"
Save the Duckling:

Save the Kitten:
The phone is ringing because: a kitten is floating in the canals of Venice.

"Save the Swan/Save the Puppy"
Save the Swan:
The phone is ringing because a young swan is afraid of dancing in front of the other swans. This episode features music from Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake.

Save the Puppy:
The phone is ringing because a puppy is trapped inside his house and has to "pee pee."

Believe it or not this has been the second most controversial topic addressed on the show after Ming Ming's speech impediment. (Some parents have a lot of time to make disparaging comments on how well television is raising their children.)

"Save The Sheep"
"Save The Skunk"
"Save The Cow"

Have something to add to the episode guide? Please leave a comment.
Updated 04/15/2006.


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