Thursday, April 13, 2006

Opening Day

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In avery busy week that has left little time for blogging or just about anything else, I was able to sneak away with the oldest of the 3 Amigos to attend opening day at PNC Park.

(Parenthetical observation: Is there a more tired use of music in professional sports than Thin Lizzy's "The Boys Are Back In Town." I had to Google the song to know who wrote it. I bet there are people in the ballpark that know it only as "that awful classic rock song that teams only play in the Top of the First of the Home Opener every year." I bet Thin Lizzy refers to it as "the accidental gold mine.")

If you are a Pirate fan, you know that Monday's game capped a disastorous 1-7 start for the Pirates.

My son is preparing himself for a long season. After the game, he said, "It's ok if the Pirates don't win, because I like all of the teams."

Of course, this is the same kid that was jumping up and down and screaming all thought the house yesterday when he learned that the Pirates had won their second game of the year.

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At this point, he still likes the idea of baseball more than the actual game itself. After all, he still only partly even understands the basic objectives of the game.

The game, however, is a perfect wrapper around the Pierogie Race, which he does understand. He doesn't quite know who Jack Wilson is the same way he knows Ben Roethlisberger, but he can surely pick Sauerkraut Saul out of the crowd. (By the way, sit in section 101 of PNC Park if you want a great view of the Pierogies warming up for their big race.)


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