Saturday, April 01, 2006

Crocs Part II, Light Pink and Sea Blue

After our little episode with the red Crocs last weekend, we ordered a pair of light pink Crocs for our daughter and a pair of sea blue in a (much) bigger size directly from the Crocs store.

Eagerly we tracked our package as it left Crocs in Niwot, Colorado to the FedEx Ground depot in Henderson, CO, on to Grove City, OH, to the Sewickley, PA station. We were giddy as we checked this morning and saw that our package was out for delivery. My daughter beamed from ear-to-ear at 12:43 when the FedEx Ground guy (the one in purple, NOT brown or yellow).

At about 12:47 we opened the box. First out a huge pair of sea blue Cayman's. The excitement mounts, the whole family is gathered around the spunky red head as she reaches into the box and pulls out the second bag, which contains a small bag of light pink Kids Cayman's.

At 12:50, they're on her feet! They're adorable. GSully pronounces them so. My daughter gushes, "They're booo-i-ful." But there is something askew. Big toes are too close to the edge -- touching the end of the shoe. A quick inspection reveals that the shoes are a size 8/9, NOT a 10/11. Crocs sent the wrong size!

Our daughter was a very good sport compared to your worst expectations about how a 3-year old would react when you explain to her that you have to take away the new shoes that are already on her feet and she has pronounced "boo-i-ful." Especially when that 3-year old had already been through a store not having her size in stock the previous weekend.

A call to the Crocs hotline puts us on pause -- they're only open Monday through Friday. We were able to send a note through the web sight. Hopefully Crocs Part III has a happy ending as it enters its 3rd weekend.


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