Thursday, February 09, 2006

Today's the day we move on...

A Picture Share!
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Today's the day we begin to move on with the rest of 2006. The Steelers didn't make the front page of the Post-Gazette today. (Does anybody know how many days it has been since the Steelers were on the front page? 3 weeks...a month) So as the bus pulls into the garage after the Steelers first Super Bowl win in XXVI years, here's a look back at a season's worth of Steelers posts:

August 1, 2005: Here We Go (To A Super Market in Pittsburgh, July 31, 2005). The first day of training camp.

August 15, 2005: Dy-no-mite. Hines Ward returns to training camp.

September 12, 2005: Running by the first regular season Steeler Sunday.

September 26, 2005: Edgewood Mayor arrested at Steeler Game.

October 21, 2005: Who trashed Tommy Maddox's house?

November 1, 2005: Halloween brings a sea of Roethlisberger's and Wards and a subpar performance.

December 24, 2005: A Moose in a Hines Ward jersey waited patiently for Santa (he came).

January 8, 2006: A Steelers Fan's guide to Cincinatti Chili.

January 15, 2006: The debut of The Blast Furnace

January 20, 2006: Sunday Steeler Sunday launches the Puhlamalu link phenomenon

January 29, 2006: Seahawks rally in downtown Pittsburgh...sporting the kelly green and royal blue lands this fan in The Morning File.

and virtually every day for the past 3 weeks, and like a 22 year old English major graduating from a small liberal arts college, we have to decide what we want to do with the rest of our lives, but what a ride this has been.


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