Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Blast Furnace for January 15, 20005

Putting a gumband around the week that was in Pittsburgh, PA, here's The Blast Furnace for January 15, 2006:

1. The 412. The most feared area code by brokers in the NFL. The least? 602.
2. The Costa Freedom. From disability to the Chief's seat, Dom Costa now sports the most prominent mustache in the Burgh.
3. Ox Not On Fox. Somebody stop the bleeding. Pittsburgh is losing broadcasting jobs by the dozen! Chin up Alby Oxenreiter, Smilin' Jay Harris ended up at ESPN.
4. "Zee worst deeefenseman in zee world." Ahhh...French the language of love and ennui. The combined score this week: Adversairs, Treize...Pingouins de Pittsburgh, trois. Michel Therrien, the Candians job is open again.
5. Elephants do it here. A Bunny Ranch in Somerset for elephants.
6. Mt. Lebolympian. Jamie Silverstein is ice dancing all the way to Torino.
7. Getting sTIFed. A big boring tax incentive for our new big boring sky scraper.
8. Columbus ROCKS! It just takes so much political courage to take a bus to Columbus, OH to support an arena proposal that doesn't involve public funding.
9. Springtime in January. We had to wear our short sleeve Stiller gear on Friday.
10. Who Dey? We Dey! O-tay on to In-dey!


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