Tuesday, November 01, 2005


From aboard the EBA in Pittsburgh, PA.

I spent the better part of last night with a frog, 2 princesses, Picachu
and a Ninja Turtle. Last night was trick-or-treat night in Regent

Haloween is one of our neighborhoods highlights on the social calendar
and the area where Macon and Trevanian meet is the epicenter. At times
the sidewalks are packed with ghosts and goblins shoulder to shoulder.
Many neighbors offer treats for adults and kids alike.

The most noticable costumes last night were the sea of Roethlisbergers
and Wards. A safe and boring choice. To dress as a Cleveland Brown that
would have taken real guts.

Here's a secret...GSully was the mother of a neat thing in our
neighborhood. A couple of weeks ago she quietly taped a ghost on 3
neighbor's doors with some treats and a note to pass it on to 2 more
neighbors. The last semi-official count was 130 "ghosted" neighbors.

Speaking of the Steelers, I think some of the trick-or-treaters were
actually on the field last night. I think I heard Al Michaels say,
"They're not Boo!ing...they're boooooooooing." That was truly scary and
has GSully and me bleary eyed this morning. Judging by the number of
people on the EBA this morning, a lot of other people stayed up too.


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