Friday, October 21, 2005

Coming This Weekend U2 II and 20Mi III

A weekend of sequals coming to the Burgh...

U2 coming off of 5 sold out shows in New York and 2 in Washington DC roll in to Pittsburgh for 1. Well, that's all we care about because gsully and I will be at Mellon Arena Saturday, comparing the performance to the May show in Philadelphia. It will be a great show and the Penguins will not lose (again).

I will roll out on the 3rd of 3 20 mile runs in preparation for the Harrisburg Marathon 3 weeks from Sunday -- hopefully finishing that up in time to catch the Bengals and the Steelers on Sunday. (By the way, what's with trashing Tommy Maddox's house! I would say that's taking things a little seriously, but really that's not taking things seriously at all. It's really worse than childish. My "fans" may be less passionate, but they are a lot more supportive when I blow it.)

Next week -- a stretch drive for elite status on United. 8 segments 4 to Houston and 4 more to Montreal.


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