Sunday, May 14, 2006

This is the 11th Mother's Day of 2006.

To my mother, my grand mother, GSully and her mother, and all of the great mothers that I know -- Happy Mother's Day!

Today is the second Sunday in May, a.k.a Mother's Day. At least it's Mother's Day in the United States, China, Australia, Canada, Cuba and about 30 other countries. Almost every country and culture has a day to celebrate motherhood, but interestingly they come throughout the year.

If you wanted to celebrate every Mother's Day throughout the year, you would begin the second Sunday in February, when Norway observes Mother's Day. This is a little bit close to Valentine's Day, which seems a little bit Oedipal.

March is probably the second busiest Mother's Day month. Beginning March 3 in Georgia, the country not the state (Hi Jason, Amy and Sophie Orlando), March 8 in Bosnia and 7 other Eastern European countries, March 21, the 1st day of Spring in Bahrain, Egypt and several other Middle Eastern countries, and often the 4th Sunday in Lent in Ireland and the UK.

May is the grand-mommy of Mother's Day months. The 1st Sunday in May, May 8, May 10, the 2nd Sunday of May, May 26, May 27, May 30 and the last Sunday of May are all celebrated as Mother's Day in different parts of the world.

The collective knowledge of Wikipedia lists 23 separate Mother's Day celebrations. The only month's without one are September, July, January and June (except for certain years in France (Fete de meres) when the last Sunday of May coincides with Pentecost day, Mother's Day is shifted to the 1st Sunday in June).

That's a lot of brunch. Why do we go to brunch on Mother's Day?


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