Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Blue Slide Park and Baseball

True to form in Pittsburgh, March came in like a lion and is going out like a lamb:

March 1st weather: High temperature: 43, Low temperature: 21
March 31 forecast: High temperature: 74, Low temperature: 53

That brought GSully and the 3 Amigos to Frick Park's Blue Slide Playground to ride the famous blue slide that is built into the hill. Our youngest daughter is now old enough to navigate the blue slide by herself, climbing the steep hill side like a sherpa climbs Mount Everest.

G tried to assist her up the hill, and in a fit of stubborness that only someone nearly 2 years old can muster, she immediately went back down the hill. She did not take the slide mind you, she scooted on her but down the climbing surface to get to the bottom in order to turn around and demonstrate her prowess in climbing the steep hill unassisted.

In a bit of spring fever, our oldest (who is fast becoming known as the kid with the red crocs in our neighborhood), spent breakfast chanting "Let's Go Bucs" in honor of this afternoon's nationally televised exhibition game between the Red Sox and Pittsburgh Pirates. I think the audience must have been preschoolers and senior citizens.
Our red headed middle daughter countered with, "Let's Go Princesses."

Let spring begin.


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