Friday, March 24, 2006

I knew Nordstrom was coming to Pittsburgh when...

I knew that Nordstrom was coming to Pittsburgh when I saw the Terry Bradshaw flags flying outside of it Seattle flagship store during the Pittsburgh Steelers Superbowl run.

While Nordstrom might not answer all of our prayers and magically transform us into the land of milk, honey and high priced shoes, it will be nice to have their customer service training available here in Pittsburgh.

And, while we're on the topic, we're not prone to reflecting on Cleveland as an upscale Mecca here in Pittsburgh. So why is it that now that we're getting a Nordstrom, the Post Gazette is already worrying about whether or not we're as worthy as Cleveland is to have one:
Will Pittsburghers be equally enchanted? The Seattle-based retailer, which announced plans yesterday to open a store at Ross Park Mall in Ross, can only hope there will be the same market here as there is in Cleveland for $595 Missoni striped jersey dresses and $885 Armani jackets in nubbly silver and pale blue silk.


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