Sunday, March 26, 2006

Red crocs!

You have new Picture Mail!
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Somebody's gullible dad took his son to REI. The dad wanted to try on some crocs, but he took his son and daughter with him while mom waited in the car because they had to go to the bathroom.

Dad tried on brown crocs. A woman told him that these were the most comfortable shoes ever. The only color they had in dad's size was brown. Dad thought brown rubber was ugly.

They had a whole rainbow of kids colors. The dad's son likes red and his daughter likes pink (light pink, NOT hot pink). They tried on crocs. A guy walks by and says "These are supposed to be the most comfortable shoes in the world."

REI has the son's size, but not the daughter's. The son is not leaving without the red crocs. The daughter is bought off with a bag of gummi bears and the promise that some pink ones will come in the mail.

The woman at the cash register says, "These are THE most comforable shoes." The dad hands over his credit card.

The mom in the car is pretty sure the dad is crazy.

The son wear's his new red crocs to grandma's house. Everyone is pretty convinced that he likes them because they're red and have buttons that have crocodiles on them (which look a little bit like dinosaurs).

But as the young family is going out the door, the son goes "These are the most comfortable shoes that I've ever had on my feet."

**Update: Find out what happened when pink Crocs arrived in the mail.


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