Tuesday, March 28, 2006

What's Gonna' Work, Teamwork

"Wonder Pets, Wonder Pets, we're on our way."

A new children's show has found a home on our TiVo, the world's best entertainment management tool for parents.

Look for The Wonder Pets on e-bay.

For the past month, the 3 Amigos have been consuming a steady diet of Wonder Pets. For the kidless and un-initiated, the high concept behind the Wonder Pets is a turtle, a guinea pig, and a duckling that live in a school house and in their spare time save animals and pets from distress.

Each 30 minute episode consist of 2 mini-musicals that feature stories set to some familiar and not-so-familiar music. For example in "The Wonder Pets Save the Swan," music from Swan Lake figures prominently. Some shows are actually scored by Tony Award winning composers like Jason Robert Brown, and the sources of music has been diverse from Avenue Q's Robert Lopez to, well Swan Lake.

Of course the 3 Amigos don't know any of that, but I do know that whenever they're asked to do anything around the house this month they immediately go into the Wonder Pets' anthem, "What's gonna' work, teamwork." And I guarantee you that even if you don't sing it out loud, whenever you hear the telephone, you'll find yourself singing "The phone, the phone is ringing." in your head.

The adoption of The Wonder Pets also means the retirement of another title from our season pass list. (Our kids seem to have a natural capacity for television of about 5 shows. So far only Blue's Clues, Dora The Explorer and Postcards From Buster have been lasting.) So say goodbye to Caillou. I never did warm up to this Canadian import. What's with the name? It's lasting contribution to our house is a red headed Rosie doll, Caillou's sister which is our oldest daughter's favorite.

Gotta' go because, "the phone, the phone is ringing, this is sewious..."

Update: New Wonder Pets episode list.


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