Sunday, March 05, 2006

Gladwell on Sully in Vegas...

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Part of the Galdwell Simmons e-mail conversation ("Gladwell and the Sports Guy," March 3) was this glowing description of Las Vegas by Malcolm Gladwell:

"You get there. You can't get a cab. Last time I waited 30 minutes in line at the airport. You get to your hotel, you wait another 45 minutes to check in.It's 120 degrees outside, and inside it's 45 degrees and all you can think about is there's about to be a epidemic of Legionnaires Disease. The food is terrible. Everyone loses money -- everyone. The amount of plastic surgery is terrifying. There are large packs of enormous, glassy-eyed people in stretch pants, pulling the levers on slot machines. (By the way, greatest and most under-appreciated gambling story ever: William Bennett, he of one best seller after another lecturing Americans on moral values and virtue and the bankruptcy of our culture, turns out not only to be a degenerate gambler, but a gambler who only played the slots. The slots! Had he been a great poker player -- even a decent poker player -- I'm in his corner. But the slots?) I digress. Back to Vegas: Why would I want to see Celine Dion, ever (and I'm Canadian)? Or white mutant tigers? Or the Village People? Or Tony Orlando and Dawn? I have more fun walking to the laundromat from my apartment in New York than I do in Vegas."

Guess where I am this week...that's right, Vegas! As you can see, from this picture of the cab corral at the airport he was right on. But on the temperature, he was way off. It's only 65 degrees today that's 50% cooler than he said.

The Blast Furnace will be posted later, as well as an update on the quest to find out News 10 Australia newsreader Sandra Sully's date of birth.


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