Sunday, March 19, 2006

I've been out wandering

This blog has been MIA over the past week or so as I've been on vacation to sunny Southern California with GSully and the 3 Amigos. I had intended to post remotely (I thought it would give me something to do while waiting in line at Disneyland), but I wasn't set up right. So until I get to sit and post, here's the 1 post I wrote from the airplane on the way...

Greetings from 37000 feet above the United States somewhere riding in seat 35 B of a Delta Boeing 767. This is my 3rd cross country trip this week.

Our connecting flight out of Atlanta was delayed by catering's failure to stock the plane. Five hours is a long way to go without eating, but an extra half hour waiting for processed gouda spread, granola and a cookie is a little ridiculous.

Instead of riding solo like I usually do (and did earlier this week in Vegas), I've got the whole family gsully, 3 little sully's and the "MIL" (that's Mother-In-Law, not a typo you sicko). Traveling with the 3 Amigos is stressful in the minivan...keeping them amused while seated for 5 hours in about 12 feet of space is like a game of whack-a-mole. Getting one situated guarantees the next one has to pee or spill. I find myself rooting for the drink cart to quietly pass us by.

We'll be hitting lots of "lands" this week: Legoland, Disneyland, La-La Land as we indoctrinate our children into the culture of "If you give The Mouse your money."


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