Thursday, March 09, 2006

Sandra Sully birthday leads...

Hello again to my Australian friends, who continue to find my blog by searching for Sandra Sully, often in hopes of finding "Sandra Sully Birthday." She does seem to be pretty coy about this bit of information, and much of her personal life. Lucky for you, I have found a couple of leads.

Search for Sandra Sully on Ebay.

IMDB lists her place and date of birth as 1964, Brisbane, Australia.
The Hole In The Wall Gang lists her birth date as May 18, 1962.
Wikipedia says it was in 1965 that she emerged from the obscurity of the womb destined to become the "6th hottest Australian of all time" and "52nd Sexiest In The World" in 2005.

Maybe someday we'll know the truth, but we'll never stop searching for it.


At 9:36 PM, Blogger Tattoosara said...

Hi my names Kylie My mothers name is Diana Dawn Sully my mother and sandra sully had the same father He's name was Henry John Sully He was a aircraft painter I have seen a really old pic of my mother and sandra sully together. So technically shes my aunty Im trying to contact her so I can know a bbit more about my grandpa and also How she is this is no joke I think she's really my aunty her father was born in orange NSW and passed away a long time ago. If you can help me get into contact with her I would appreciate that.


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