Thursday, January 26, 2006

What does A Seattle Seahawks Song sound like?

If you've been in Pittsburgh for the last 2 weeks and listened to the radio, you've no doubt listened to a steady diet of this years crop of Steeler songs. "Here We Go" (now 10 years running!), "The Steeler Polka," that Steelers Ghostbusters thing, and this year's trendy fave "Puhlamalu (The Troy Polamalu song)". But what are they listening to in Seattle?

Seattle should win this battle hands down, right? After all, they're the home of Hendrix, Nirvana, Pearl Jam. Sure we've got the Clarks and Donnie Iris, but you'll hear more Seattle on DVE than Pittsburgh. Clearly on the fan front, Pittsburgh Steeler fans have the battle won hands down. Seattle's Seahawaks fan musicians are out of practice and need some work:

So without further adieu, keep your finger on the back button, links to Seahawks songs:

UPDATE: 2/2/06 We found more songs! See Twelve!


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