Thursday, January 19, 2006

My knees could be in your back tonight...

Greetings from Seattle. You'll be happy to know that the rain has let up somewhat. There has been at least one rain free day since I've been here last week. When I arrived on Tuesday, I even was rewarded with a sunny day and clear enough skies for the "money shot" approach into SeaTac with the view of Mount Rainier out the window. Since then rain and damp cold.

I'll be on the red eye back to Pittsburgh tonight. To make the red eye worth while (which to me means arriving before 7AM), you actually have to fly down to San Francisco and then on to Pittsburgh. This is thanks to the magic of codesharing between USAirways and United.

Otherwise you have to take an AM connection from O'Hare, Philadelphia or Charlotte and arrive between 9 and 11, which essentially defeats the purpose of the entire excercise to me. The only legitimate red eye flights into Pittsburgh right now are on USAirways planes from San Francisco and Las Vegas, and anecdotally, they always seem to be packed.

I already know what I have to look forward to on the plane home -- the middle seat in coach. If you're sitting in front of me, I'm sorry, I'm 6 foot 3 and if you recline your seat, my knees will be in your back.


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