Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Super Bowl ticket prices? They're XL

Looking for tickets to Super Bowl XL? The market for tickets is alive and well. While Detroit is far from the most exciting (or warm) place to hold a Super Bowl, it does have the advantage of being close to Pittsburgh. Combine that with Steeler Nation's willingness to travel that has NFL ticket offices closely monitoring their caller ID for "the 412" and demand for tickets should be strong.

Secondary ticket seller Stubhub.com has more than 80 offers for Super Bowl tickets ranging from $2,295 for upper deck endzone seats to $176,475 for the rights to a luxury suite!

(If you're looking for tickets, Stubhub is a good choice, because they guarantee a similar replacement ticket if the one that you purchase turns out to be fraudulent.)

The dirty secret is that most of the tickets to the Super Bowl begin in the hands of the NFL teams themselves who offer them as part of corporate sponsorship packages, including ones involving ticket brokers. It's seems very close to money laundering -- but at least they do become available at a price.


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