Monday, January 16, 2006

A Sully's Stuff Contest, Sunday Steeler Sunday,

UPDATE THE CONTEST HAS ENDED -- for links to actual STEELER SONGS, click here and sing along.

No comment on yesterday's game, let's just say we'll have airline sickness bags available for next week's game against Denver. Now my question...straight from the breakfast table conversation of GSully and me to you.

There are at least a dozen fairly well-known in Pittsburgh Steeler songs/song parodies. If Ray Parker, Jr ever hears the Ghostbuster's themed "Go Steelers" he'll slit his wrists. (Which is worse than what he does when he hears Ghostbusters -- count his royalty check while banging his head against a brick wall.)

Why is there no Steelers song to the tune of Sunday Bloody Sunday by U2? In it's original form it has a confrontational theme and a chantable chorus suitable for several dozen people in a crowded bar. Surely the word Bus, Hines and Superbowl can be worked into some suitable verses, after all the chorus is already written.

That leads us to our 1st ever contest...the Sunday Steeler Sunday songwriting contest. The best (as judged by GSully and me) (should we receive any entries) written version of Sunday Steeler Sunday will receive a prize, a free pair of Steelers Rage Socks, size 10-13 and a certificate suitable for framing. Submit your verse or audio file by e-mail to by Midnight, Eastern Standard Time, Thursday, January 19. If we receive any entries (and somehow I doubt we will), the winner will be announced Friday, January 20 at 5PM, and posted along with the other entries.


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