Thursday, January 19, 2006

A Tale of Two Cities...

From Bill Johnson of The Rocky Mountain News:

"I will tell you this, something I would never tell one of the locals. [It] is one butt-ugly town.

It is precisely the type of town that would name its professional football team the Steelers. Old mills, long stilled, dot the town. Weeds spill from smokestacks. "

From Scobleizer:

"I found a really pretty city that has great educational institutions and a vibrancy that many other cities wish they had."

They're both talking about....PITTSBURGH!

Maybe the difference is that Rob Scoble comes from Seattle, where it happens to also be grey and wet the entire year, and Johnson is from Denver where there are over 300 days of sunshine. Maybe it's because Scoble is trying to sell books across the country, while Johnson is trying to sell newspapers in Colorado. Maybe its because Johnson had a cab driver like the Ambassador. Maybe its because Scoble wants a Seahawks/Steelers Superbowl. Maybe its because Johnson likes hatemail. Maybe it was Johnson's birthday and he wanted to be home (it was Scoble's, happy 41.)

Either way 2 outsiders, 4 eyes, 2 very different conclusions.


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