Monday, December 12, 2005

Dumpster diving for miles...

PITTSBURGH. Frequent Flyer Miles, the universal currency of the business traveler and coveted perk used to promote every business from cell phones to magazine subscriptions to mutual funds now has people dumpster diving.

Airtran, the Atlanta-based airline that isn't bankrupt, Coca-Cola, and Wendy's, the Columbus, OH based fast food chain that isn't In-n-Out Burger, have teamed up to offer Airtran flight credits for cokes purchased at Wendy's. Just 64 cokes = 1 free round trip ticket.

The route to nirvana for this promotion is to 1.) Eat at Wendy's every day, 2.) e-bay, or 3.) DUMPSTER DIVING!

Before you go jump in a dumpster, I'm not sure that the promotion is running in the Pittsburgh market. But, if you find yourself on Airtran and your seat mate smells a little funky and appears to have a ketchup stain on his collar, you know why.


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