Thursday, December 08, 2005

Iron City and Pittsburgh, a match made in heaven...

Pittsburgh Brewing Company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection this week because it owes $2.5 million for water. One thing that I learned from the Rick Sebak documentary "The Mon, The Al and the O" is that the water for an Iron City comes from the Allegheny River, a fact I always found disturbing. Iron City, the beer you can drink but maybe shouldn't swim in.

The fortunes of the company mirror the fortunes of the city it lives in:
  • Both have declared bankruptcy.
  • Both have old infrastructure which is designed to accomodate much higher production.
  • Both have large unfunded pension liabilities.
  • Both are perhaps more fondly remembered by those from here than those who are here. (just think of all those groggy transplanted west coasters drinking 'ahrn with their eggs when they watch the Stillers at the bar on Sunday morning)
  • Both have heavily promoted cool new packaging to try and regain the hip, cool edge (PNC Park, Aluminum bottles)


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