Friday, November 25, 2005

At least two trips required...

PHOENIX.  Sunny and 80 degrees, we're on vacation with the kids. We're having a wonderful time...even better than expected.  The Pointe Hilton, while a little old, provides ample space in its two room suites for a family of 5 Sully's, easy access to the Phoenix Mountain Preserve for hiking, and a great pool with lazy river and waterslide.

GSully and I are disturbed by one thing.  We seem incapable of doing anything in a single trip.  It began yesterday in the airport when I left Tyler's car seat in the car in the parking lot a 20 minute bus ride again. It continued in Phoenix when I went to pick up the rental car and circled back for the kids and luggage.

Sometimes it's caused by one of the little Sully's wanting to bring something to amuse themselves. Others its caused by grownups who are capable of forgetting anything except their heads, which are attached.

I don't know when it will end, but I do know it continues.  GSully just came back to the car on her way to the dollar store for some kid sunglasses.  Seems you need cash to shop there.


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