Tuesday, November 22, 2005

One key to a great vacation

PITTSBURGH. When you live in the Northeast (or Eastern Midwest or whatever you call Pittsburgh, but that's another topic), a crucial, critical ingredient of the quality of a vacation taken between November and April is the quality of the letter. I'm not talking about the weather in your destination. Sure, that's important, but anybody should be smart enough to find a warm sunny place to go. I'm talking about the weather at home. I find that my vacation is that much sweeter if I open the blinds to sun kissed skies, flip on CNN and find out that it' 25 degrees and snowing at home. It heightens the pleaseure as you compliment yourself on the foresight to vacation on the worst weather week of the year and think about the poor suckers stuck back home. The ultimate is if you happen to miss a blizzard (a great reason to always choose INDOOR airport parking).

Conversely, there's nothing worse than going on vacation and finding out you missed the week of winter with the unseasonably warm weather, the one where it is in the mid-60s, the sun actually comes out for 3 or 4 days in a row and causes college students to break out shorts.

That's why this morning I'm smugly happy, and cautiously happy to see the Pittsburgh/Phoenix forecasts:

Pittsburgh (hi/low, weather) Phoenix (hi/low, weather)
Thur 35/22 Snow Showers 80/53 PC
Fri 29/19 Chance of snow 77/52 PC
Sat 31/21 Chance of snow 75/50PC


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