Thursday, December 01, 2005

Back in the Brrrrrrrrrgh

PITTSBURGH. Arrived back in Pittsburgh last night on USAirways Flight 150. Trust me, if you were on the flight you know who we were. If you know someone who was on the flight, you already know what happened. I'll leave it at that. Our punishment for being slightly disappointed at seeing temps in the 60s was a dose of temps in the 30s with the prospect of snow showers. Took a few days off from posting, but here are a few highlights from the trip...

1. Phoenix is defined by 5 overwhelming brownish red color, the saguaro cactus, bright sunshine, wide open space punctuated by occasional moutains and scorching heat (which is mercifully missing this time of the year).

2. The Pointe Hilton Sqaw Peak Resort is great for families with kids. Large 2-room suites mean your day doesn't end prematurely when you put the kids to bed. The lazy river pool complex is a great way to spend the day. A tiny bit more attention to detail by the staff is in order. Twice we had to call to have our caffeinated coffee replenished because housekeeping saw the decaf unopened and failed to replace the caf. Anybody that cleans up a hotel room inhabited by 2 adults and 3 kids for 6 days deserves our respect. We defefinately would stay there again.

3. Our little Sullys were hiking maniacs. Almost everday began with "mountain climbing," usually a 1/2 mile up hill hike supplemented by a combination hike, kid carrying down hill journey.

4. Watching your little Sullys with the Sully-side grandparents is priceless. The handholds, the lap sitting, the hugs and kisses, the SPOILING...

5. Giraffes have long slimy tongues and are fun to feed.

6. GSully and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary with a sunset picnic on Squaw (I mean Piestewa) Peak. Nightfall really brings out the colors of the desert. Great takeout from Sauce and a bottle of wine coupled with the great view made this our best anniversary celebration yet.

7. If in Scottsdale, eat at the Old Town Tortilla Factory. Ask for a table on the patio. Eat the Pollo Margarita. GSully called this the best chicken dish and the best restaurant meal she has ever had. Best chicken ever...think about it.

8. The Treo 650 made this the 1st vacation in years with the laptop at home. I did not miss the laptop.

9. President Bush came to Phoenix on Monday and I didn't notice or care.

10. I want In 'N Out Burger to come to Pittsburgh. I'm not sure, but I think the Mesa, AZ location is the closest to Pittsburgh. I'm almost sure I will die before that happens. I'm not a big chain diner, but if we didn't have the Green Mango, we would be looking for Pei Wei too.


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