Wednesday, December 07, 2005

It's The People Stupid

MONTREAL. Here I am again, abroad for 1 day. Ten hours of traveling for a 3 hour meeting. A 4 AM wakeup for a 6 AM flight (Overheard on the airplane, "If I had to do this for work, I would cry." I'll be home by midnight, maybe. But what makes it fulfilling? It's the relationships.

At the top of the pyramid is providing for the family left at home; Gsully and RS&T Sully. Then there is the extended family that has also invested in my education and success along the way.

But that's not all. I spent a little time in transit today and very quickly came up with 50 people at Ariba whom I worked closely with or gave me guidance. People who (mostly) supported me personally and professionally. These are people that entertained me with stories over late night dinners in airports between here and there and educated me and opened doors of opportunities for me.

Next came about 20 Clients. People I had the pleasure to serve and get to know. To appreciate their diverse backgrounds and experiences, to learn about their companies and industries.

I haven't even gotten to the friends, neighbors and former colleagues that influenced me so much this year. So as I sit down to write Christmas letters, I realize that for some people it might be purely technical content that keeps them going, for others the money...all of that being equal, I value the relationships and experience.

By the's freezing up here. Where's In-N-Out when you need it?


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