Sunday, December 11, 2005

Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Greeting Cards Have Got To Go...

PITTSBURGH. The Park Place neighborhood near Regent Square is the hotbed of civil protest in Pittsburgh. Residents are passionate and committed to getting out and voicing their opinions, creating visibility for the causes that are close to their hearts. Yesterday, Park Place residents had their choice of two protests...

On the corner of Forbes and Braddock, the semi-regular protest that began shortly before the war in Iraq gathered. Four-to-five hearty soles with signs like "It's beginning to smell a lot like impeachment..." and "We destroyed the village to save it..." Waiting patiently for the Bush motorcade to drive by, or for the next election, these hearty soles have become neighborhood fixtures, a quaint Saturday afternoon landmark, something to show visitors from out of town.

The real action yesterday was on the corner of Penn and Braddock, where 40 or so residents (according to the Post Gazette -- 10x the number at Forbes and Braddock) of the Park Place neighborhood protested the proposed demolition of a gas station and 3 homes to make way for a Walgreen's. Somewhat ironically, it took place in front of an Exxon station and was actually protesting demolition of the Exxon. I wasn't there but I imagine that the signs read something like:

"No demolition for milk."
"1-2-3-4 We don't want your prescription store."
"Hey hey, ho ho, greeting cards have got to go" and
"Save our gas station."

Next week, the protest zone will expand to include Regent Square at Braddock and Hutchinson where a group of neighbors will gather to bring attention to the amount of coverage given to weather on local newscasts.

UPDATE: Sully's Stuff picked up by Park Place Blog. Learn more about the Park Place groups dispute with Walgreen's.


At 7:50 PM, Blogger - said...

Now that the weather has gotten nice, the protesting will pick up. I don't have a problem with protesting, just the traffic jams it causes. I worry one day I'll get hit by a car driven by someone trying to read one of these signs.


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