Thursday, March 02, 2006

Remembering Bubba, the Lovable Leviathan Lobster

What better way to follow a post about boiling frogs? A poster about lobster of course.

One year ago, the eyes if the world were on Pittsburgh as the saga of Bubba the Leviathan Lobster came to an end (as it seems to for far too many sea creatures) at the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium, a bacterial infection taking care of Bubba just one day after being spared from the lobster pot.

Bubba lived his first approximately 100 years in anonymity before being captured off the coast of Nova Scotia. From there, he worked his way through the sea food supply chain until he landed in Pittsburgh in the display case of Wholey's Fish Market where he caught the eye of 2 PETAs: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and People Eating Tasty Animals. Sadly, after being granted a pardon, Bubba contracted a bacterial infection and died shortly after being transported to the PPG Zoo and Aquarium.

In his short time in Pittsburgh, Bubba brought us the kind of publicity that money just can't buy. A Google Search for Bubba Lobster returns more than 200,000 entries, including ABC News, CBS News, MSNBC, National Geographic, and Dave Barry, among others, all chronicled Bubba's brief stay in the 'Burgh. Bubba even has his own Wikipedia entry.

No doubt Bubba would be excited by all the great changes in the year since he's been here. We have a new Mayor, lots of new condos going up, slot machines are on their way, and the Steelers won the Super Bowl, events all set in motion in some way by Bubba, our most famous lobster ever.


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