Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Dry Cleaning For Honey Mustard On Pants...

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I made my Monday morning commute today...from Pittsburgh, PA to Seattle, WA. After barely making my plane in Pittsburgh, watching the United ground crew at Dulles try to get their baggage handling equipment started in the cold,and flying 5 hours cross country in the coldest 757 ever, I arrived at my date with destiny...lunch at the Rock Bottom Brewery's Seattle location (1 of 30 nationwide) and our waitress Jennifer.

Jennifer (who according to my colleague looks a bit like actress turned poker player Jennifer Tilly..or was it Meg Tilly) was cooly dropping off a seared ahi appetizer (recommended) with house salad (a little heavy on the cheese, egg and bacon) when I hear an "Oh, s**t" followed by the feeling of a giant glob of honey mustard landing on my right leg with several more teaspoons balancing precariously on the surface of the table in front of me.

This was soon followed by the profuse apologizing, the bringing of the club soda, the gentle touch on the arm directly preceeding more profuse apologizing, a visit from the manager with the pictured note promising dry cleaning reimbursement, followed by more apologizing by Jennifer which included "we're still friends, right", followed by the bringing of the compensetory complementary Triple Chocolate Stout Cheesecake (combines cream cheese, cocoa, bittersweet chocolate and smooth stout with a semi-sweet chocolate wafer crust -- and a dry cleaning bill).

Oh yeah, in the middle of this the kitchen also got my colleague's order wrong, for which they sent it back to the kitchen and promptly forgot.

I'm sure this is just the way the staff at the Rock Bottom Restaurants Inc drew it up in the manual.


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