Friday, January 27, 2006

The Impact of the Super Bowl Steelers....

Odd proof that the Steelers going to the Superbowl can impact people personally in unexpected ways.

Seven days ago, this blog averaged 15-25 hits per day since its launch in May. We had brief spikes for a post on Tedy Bruschi in the fall and on Dick Clark earlier this month (which set a then record of 55 visitors in one day).

Last Friday, in the same week I had an article published in the Federal Times (See: Shameless self promotion: Sully in print), I posted a link to the Polamalu song as part of a post lamenting the fact that no one wanted to write a Steeler song to the tune of Sunday Bloody Sunday by U2, but did want to find actual pre-existing songs to download.

Since that post on Friday of last week, and more importantly, the Steelers win in the AFC Championship Game, this site has had nearly 4,000 visitors and 9,500 page views. In other words, in the space of a week, total total lifetime visitor count for this website has more than doubled and doubled again. A blog that made about $2 in 9 months running adwords made about $15 in the last week.

This is exactly the reason our local news no longer includes any news, just naked black and gold hype in all it's glory.


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