Friday, December 16, 2005

The Other Norma Jean

PITTSBURGH. My friend gave me an invitation to the LUPEC (that Ladies United for the Preservation of Extinct Cocktails) Christmas Party this Saturday evening, and it had this picture of this smokin' hot woman with an electric axe. Her name is Norma Jean.

There's not a lot of famous Norma Jean's in this world. When most people think of famous Norma Jeans, they most likely think of Norma Jean Baker, who is more popularly known as Marylin Monroe, not this woman, "The Duchess" Norma Jean Wofford, a Pittsburgh Hill District native who became a legendary protege of Bo Diddley.

She was immortalized in the Animals song "The Story of Bo Diddley":
"He turned around to Duchess
And he said, "Hey Duchess...what do you think of these young guys
Doin' our material?"
She said, "I don't know. I only came across here
To see the Changin' of the Guards and all that jazz."
Bo Diddley said about Norma Jean who passed away this year said about Norma Jean, "Norma-Jean was my 1st sidekick, we did everything together. She was like family which is why I told everyone she was my sister. There was no one else like her and I will miss her very much."

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