Friday, December 16, 2005

Changes and Updates

PITTSBURGH. A quick rundown on changes and updates to Sully's Stuff.

  • We are now the proud owners of Typing that into your browser will bring you here.
  • We've added some new sites to the blogroll.
    • Park Place Blog, provides updates on the battle against Walgreen's zoning variance, linked to our post early this week about the frequency of protests in Pittsburgh's east end.
    • Pittsblog, a popular Pittsburgh blog with good commentary about the tech community. We linked to his post on Bill Strickland earlier this year, and he picked up our post on the feature article on Strickland in Inc. Magazine.
    • The Firefox Download, a new place to get my preferred web browser, Firefox. I started this blog to encourage more mainstream users to download and use this browser.
  • Goodbye adsense, hello search. At some point early in the blog, we'd slapped in some Google Adsense code that doesn't really fit with the content of the blog, but search does. So you'll find that the adwords have been replaced by search boxes.
  • Update: The Post-Gazette reports that the consideration of the Walgreen's zoning variance has been postponed until January 5.


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