Friday, November 18, 2005

Canada unplugged

MONTREAL.  I am in Montreal for a Client meeting today, and that leads to me being unplugged for the day.  For some reason I don't have cell phone service in Montreal.  This is very frustrating because I rely on that to keep me linked to home.  I'm also used to always having access to e-mail and when I come unplugged I almost go through detox, picking up my phone, looking at the screen, shaking it, turning it over and putting it away.

It's not necessarily a bad thing to be just takes some getting used to.

A couple of Canada notes...

Saw the first snow on the ground of winter this morning in Montreal.  Just a dust cover, but a cover just the same. Temperature this morning was -7 celsius.

Except for hockey players, Canadians in American professional sports get star coverage.  Jason Bay, from Trail, British Columbia was given prominent mention on the local sports report for his new 4 year contract with the Pirates, almost as if he were from around the corner and not across the country.

Finally, at Starbuck's the "tall" size on US menus is replaced by "mezzo," giving the menu 3 Italian sizes and 0 english or french ones to translate - the 3rd language solution.


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