Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Rest of My All-Star Week

I went to the All-Star Game Tuesday...sort of. After getting out of
training around 4:30 yesterday, a colleague and an aquaintance from
the training decided to head to AT&T Park and try to get into the
All-Star Game.

As we arrived in the area about the time of player introductions,
market makers were asking $200-$300 per ticket - while nothing
compared to a rumored $25k some were asking, too steep for us to be
really interested, so our next move was to head around back and check
out the scene from McCovey Cove.

Kayaks are the most famous vessal out there, but we did see a couple
surf boards and a guy with a stool fastened to 2 water skis, and a
floating trampoline.

MLB and the Giants kept their tradition of allowing fans to stand at
the right field fence and watch a couple innings and the crowd was
thick even behind the baricaded pline. Just before game time, a few
Giants employees arrived to hand out a few free tickets...targeting
groups with one adult and several kids. Nice gesture.

I talked to a Dodger fan who had arrived around 4 with a full bottle
of rum. He expected to get in around the 3rd inning with an empty
bottle. Not a bad return on his time investment.

From our vantage point, we could get just a hint of what was going on.
From Willie Mays walking the gauntlet to driving around in the
Cadillac to Ken Griffey taking his spot in right field.

After the first inning we called it a night and headed off somewhere
else to watch the game and have dinner, but I still saw more of the
2007 All Star Game in San Francisco than the 2006 game in Pittsburgh.

Later that night we joined a crowd in the lobby of the Westin staking
out players. We caught glimpses of C.C. Sabathia and Justin Morneau
and Brian Roberts but all I got was a grainy photo of Mets GM Omar

It's like I was there, only not really.


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