Saturday, May 26, 2007

Intel gets the Le(a)d out...

Intel's getting a lot of press for going "unleaded" as an environmental initiative, replacing the remaining o.o2 grams per chip with an alloy of tin, silver and copper.

As the trend graph above showing the price trend for lead shows, this is another in a line of decisions that could be driven as much by increases in the TCO related to producing it with lead as pure environmental stewardship.

While over the past several months the public may have reached a tipping point in terms of the conciousness of climate change, it appears that companies are approaching a cost tipping point where the cost of purchasing, using in production and remediating the negative aspects of materials with negative environmental impact is greater than the value that they provide.
Getting the lead out is still a bold move for a company whose approach is not usually heavy metal:

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