Thursday, July 12, 2007

How Many Flavors Are There At Baskin Robbins?

If you said 31, you're wrong.

The Baskin Robbins at El Camino Real had 50 flavors in the case.

The employees at the chain that some even call "31 Flavors" didn't
even know what the 31 that appears between the Baskin and the Robbins
was supposed to stand for. They said it was their the
Golden Arches of McDonalds.

For some reason, I had never bothered to think about the actual number
of seats...even though common sense would tell you that they would
have an even number (unless they doubled up on a few).

In another sign that we're all slowly being turned into hypnotized
monkeys incapable of doing anything without staring at a screen I
watched "NBC @ the pump" while filling my rental car with $3.28 gas.


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