Monday, July 09, 2007

X in 16 E

Kicking off my 2nd half of 07 flying (1st half stats 108,000 miles
flown, 73 segments), I bumped into somebody wraping up his 1st half.

Last to board, seated 2 rows in front of me in 16E in a black San
Antonio Spurs t-shirt and backwards black baseball cap was Pirate RF
Xavier Nady carrying 50 RBI into the All Star break.

As astonishing as the fact that he was riding middle seat in coach on
an Airbus A320 was the fact that he made the flight at all. I left my
house at Chapel Harbor just after the last out of the Pirates 6-2 win
over the Cubs at about 5 after 4. Nady, who drove in a run in the
win, had to hustle to get showered and out to plane on time.

Nady's become a favorite in our house after the Pirates Kids Club
autograph session. There's a great photo of him and Damaso Marte with
my son on our photo share.

This in some small way made up for me being in 18E between a husband
and wife that did not want to switch but did not hesitate to


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