Wednesday, February 15, 2006

How to choose which $100,000 job offer to take...

Being a management consultant myself, I like to maintain an air of mystery about the profession. Just what type of person is a firm looking for? What are the secret methods they use to evaluate that?

But for those of you that think the word consultant might be a synonym for arrogant jackass, I give you the following from today's USA Today ("Jobs heat up for MBA grads") on how one deep thinker made his decision:

"During my sell weekend with (a consulting firm), I made a bet with one of the (recruiters) that if he could beat me in a milk drinking contest or vomited while trying I would sign on the spot. He managed to take down a half-gallon of milk in just over a minute, completely anhilating me in the contest. The fact that he was willing to do that not only made me feel important but it also spoke volumes for the culture and personality of the office."

In other news, demand for coal miners is up...


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