Friday, January 13, 2006

I miss you forever...I'm LinkedIn

People move on. Jobs that were once mission driven, exciting, lucrative and new become blah, boring, time punching, not worth the money chores. This is usually when people move on. This usually leads to a resignation and ultimately a mass goodbye e-mail, that goes something like this:

"As many of you know today is my last day at [Company]. I will have so many great memories of the people. This has been an incredibly valuable experience, and I will miss you all. Please keep in touch. My contact information is below."

There's a new phrase in goodbye e-mails, "I'm LinkedIn." LinkedIn is a professional networking website that has become part of the currency of the realm for maintaining a professional network. User post on-line profiles and maintain contact information that is available to their network of contacts.

I'm a LinkedIn junkie -- here's my profile. If you're a recruiter or entrepreneur looking for talent, you can pinpoint the talent you need and their references in the people that know them. I trust people I find on LinkedIn, especially if they have endorsements, because I can see the company that they keep. If you are a job seeker you can find contacts at the company you're interested and resources in your field that can give you advice.


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