Wednesday, January 11, 2006

25 days of rain and Sandra Bullock is ugly, a Seattle story...

Seattle. I'm happy to report that we did see more rain today, making 25 consecutive days here in the Northwest. Further, I have seen more people wearing Steeler gear (one) than wearing Seahawks gear. In fact, were it not for one lonely shop front in the public market, I would be hardpressed to tell you what Seahawks stuff looks like.

I used the same driver today as yesterday. I'll call him the Ambassador. Since it was our second day riding with him, he really began to open up:

Me: "How long have you been driving in Seattle."
Ambassador: "8 years."
Me: "Were you here for the earthquake?"
Ambassador: "yes."
Me: "Ever drive anybody famous?"
Ambassador: "yes."
Steve: "Like who?"
Ambassador: "Sandra Bullock. She's ugly."

I'm so glad I got to meet the Ambassador this week. I'm on a 6AM back to the 'Burgh tomorrow.


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