Sunday, January 08, 2006

Guide to Cincinnati Chili

Oddly, for a city of German's, Cincinnati loves chili, and to help you enjoy the experience, here's a little guide to good eating. Like a cheesesteak in Philadelphia, it's very important to order your chili properly....

One way -- plain, just the chili. Like a Bus rush up the middle between the tackles.

Two way -- chili served on spaghetti. Like a Willie Parker end around with an explosion around the corner, with a block from Hines Ward to spring him free.

Three way -- additionally topped with cheddar cheese. A Roethlisberger pass to Heath Miller in the end zone.

Four way -- additionally topped with chopped onion. A Polamalu interception return for a touchdown.

Five way -- El Yah! Additionally topped with kidney beans. A Randle El punt return taken to the bank.

...and my favorite...

Who dey??? ----- We dey!!!


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