Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Rennaisance Esmerelda

Palm Springs.  I'm attending a company meeting this week at the Rennaisance Esmerelda along the Indian Wells Golf Resort in Palm Springs.  The hotel is very nice, typical of the 'desert oasis' type of hotels you find in Phoenix or "non-strip" Las Vegas. Big pool, big rooms, restaurant, spa, tennis, golf, landscaped grounds, mountains surrounding. More grass, no cactuses than Arizona.

There is one thing that has already irked me about the resort.  When I asked the concierge to recommend a running route.  She sent me out on a 4 mile rectangular route through a subdivision across the street.  This morning I went out, the weather was beautiful. Mountains were always in view.  I even saw a hot air baloon rising against the mountains in the distance.

My gripe is this...I'm at a resort with miles of beautifully landscaped golf cart paths and they send runners out on the pavement along the highway.  Is it too much to ask to have a running route through the grounds?  I (don't think less of me) don't golf (gasp!) that is an extremely large part of the resort that provides no value to me.  Now if I could run on the beautiful landscaped grounds...


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