Saturday, October 22, 2005

I'd like the supersize evangelical nuggets...

One of the benefits of starting your own company, especially a chain of say fast food restaurants, is you develop a network to hoist your world view on others. Your own, perhaps profitable, bully pulpit to spread your views and some good chicken.

This morning, since it was rainy damp and cold, GSully and I decided to do it up suburban style. We loaded the Mini (Van) and tromped off to Monroeville for some shopping. Hungry for some gourmet cuisine, we scored some nugget meals for R,S, and T from Chik-fil-a. The free prize inside was a free CD "Adventures in Odyssey" furnished by Focus on the Family.

Visiting the website of Focus on the Family, I was struck by this week's "Weekend Magazine" where we'll be talking about Halloween and "the dangers of Wicca." Well, if most wicca are anything like Dawn, our old next door neighbor in Silver Spring, MD, one problem is that they don't eat a lot of chicken. Truth is she spent most of her time gardening in the small backyards we had behind our apartments. It's not hard for me to imagine her at her equivalent of mass listening to someone preach the evils of lard-fried nuggets of poultry goodness.

Incidently, our kids love the chicken. Speaking from personal experience, it's fantastic. The toy's in the kids meals make our kids about as excited as socks on Christmas morning and appear to have near 0 value on e-bay.


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